Annelie Jagenholz

Annelie Jagenholz
Annelie Jagenholz

Annelie Jagenholz is a German artist, illustrator and designer. She was born in St. Petersburg and grew up in Germany. She has Russian and German roots.

She is interested in art and literature but refuses a concrete form. Style and shape are not important compared to the freedom to show an own inner cosmos.

Her main areas of work in art are paintings and drawings which based on an emotional expression with philosophical and social critical attributes. With different techniques in oil, acrylic, ink and charcoal she tries to show her own visions and motives.

Next to such ideas she finds inspiration in the confrontation with the human body in different positions without clear anatomically details and more as a visible act to show the connection of body, mind and soul. The expression often includes restlessness and dark areas to embody the whole human being with abysses and the search of truth.

Behind the visible forms the drawings and paintings want show a spiritual way and context, inspired by the “philosophia perennis”, by different integral attempts, the soul-body-problem, the immanent mind or transcendental levels. The artist don’t believe in a material world without a deeper background. She believes in a connection between world and consciousness, between body and mind.

Available are two books of her with poetry and short stories (“Hirngespinste”, Engelsdorfer Verlag, “Wie Rauch”, Spielberg Verlag). Her art was visible in exhibitions in Heidelberg, Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, Köln and Paris.

(Drawings & paintings, mixed, media, 40 x 30 cm, 2018)
(Drawings, “Yellow series”, 40 x 30 cm, 2016)
(New drawings, “Yellow series”, 40 x 30 cm, 2015)
(Drawings, mixed media, 40 x 30 cm, 2015)
“3 Muses”
(Drawings, “mixed media, “Yellow series”, 40 x 30 cm, 2016)