PAP(I)ER FASHION – Galerie Stihl Waiblingen – Participation

Pap(i)er Fashion at Galerie Stihl Waiblingen

From January 26th to April 21st ATOPOS cvc is presenting PAP(I)ER FASHION at Galerie Stihl Waiblingen, an exhibition of the ATOPOS Collection of disposable 60’s dresses and other unique pieces from various periods and civilisations.

Founded in 2008, Galerie Stihl Waiblingen is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Germany. It is dedicated to the medium of paper and has held exhibitions featuring etchings by Dürer and Rembrandt, water colours by Turner and Nolde, musical scores by John Cage and cardboard furniture.

ATOPOS cvc has produced an exhibition that places emphasis on the ephemeral, fragile, humble and poetic nature of paper garments, juxtaposing contemporary items with objects from different cultures dating back to the 18th century. The exhibition has been designed as if ‘in transit’ – one of the many that have passed through this extraordinary municipal gallery.

Our first Paper Fashion exhibition took place at the Benaki Museum, Athens (2007).ATOPOS cvc has since been invited to produce variations of it at, among others, the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg (2008), the ModeMuseum-MoMu, Antwerp (2009) and the Museum Bellerive/Design Museum, Zurich (2010). Seeking alternative ways of presentation, this touring exhibition does not conform to specific models, but adapts to the challenges of each different venue! Since 2010, Barbican International Enterprises has undertaken the exhibition’s touring and promotion.

ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture | Salaminos 72 st., Athens, Greece

T. +30 210 8838151 | F. +30 210 8838302 |

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